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How To Break A Plateau

To break through a fat loss plateau, you may need to consume less calories or you may need to increase your daily physical activity. 

Here are some tips;
  • Increase duration or intensity of exercise - As fitness increases you can increase the pace or extend your training sessions. 
  • Increase out-of-session activity - Even if you train hard, you may not be moving enough during the rest of your day. A pedometer or step counter can be used to assess daily activity. Aim for a minimum of 8,000 steps, with a goal of 10,000 or more as required. Around 15,000 steps are a very active day.
  • Eat less sugar – You may have cut back on fat, but still be consuming too much sugar. Low-fat sweet snacks such as yogurt and breakfast bars may seem a healthy option, but they are loaded with sugar. Swapping to fruit can be healthier and you will save a lot on calories. 
  • Drink less alcohol - Alcoholic drinks may be difficult to cut back on or give up but may be necessary when you hit a plateau. A reality check on volume is important as alcohol is often under-reported. 
  • Eat smaller portions - Check to see if you are eating too much. Even if it’s healthy, you may need to downsize your dinner plate. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Take control of your life, rock on!
Till next month...Evie 


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