Mind Over Matter

Training the mind is just as important as training the body for keeping the weight off long term. If you don't get in the right head space, the weight will eventually creep back. 

Losing weight is science but keeping weight off is psychological, two completely different things.
You can know all the right exercises to do, you can know all the right food to eat. But it’s just not enough if you can’t get your mind in the right place to follow through with any of it.

So how do you get motivated?
What do you really want in terms of losing weight?
What’s your desired outcome? 
  • Get Inspired by somebody: Find someone who started out where you are and read through their journey. Weight loss motivation is very important.
  • Get your target in front of you daily: Make sure you’re always seeing your goals. Post them up in big letters on your wall. Program into your phone calendar alerts to remind you of your goals once a day. Try to keep your goals positive and focused. Avoid: Lose ten kilos. Try: “Lose ten kilos so I can look great at my friends wedding in 6 months." 
  • Picture your life once you've lost the weight: How do you look and feel as you walk down the beach? Picture that look of surprise on a friends face? 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. 
Take control of your life, rock on!

Until next month, Evie xx 


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