5 Food Cravings - What They Really Mean

A craving is a signal from your body telling you that something is needed. To suppress that craving, you can do one of two things: give in to it or find an alternative distraction like going for a walk or calling a friend.

Here’s the 5 common food cravings and what they could really mean:

  1. You are craving potato chips – It could mean, you are craving sodium. Sodium (aka salt) is an essential electrolyte for many vital functions in the body. However, too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure and other heart issues, which is why the Daily Recommended Value (DRV) is 2,300 milligrams. Instead, you can get sodium from healthy, whole foods like beets (which also contain powerful antioxidants) and leafy greens like spinach and chard (which are also rich in iron and vitamin K).
  2. You are craving ice cream – It could mean, you might be low on sleep. Ice cream and other high-fat dairy products contain an amino acid tryptophan, it produces melatonin and serotonin to help you feel relaxed and sleepy. Instead of having that late-night cup of ice cream, try to get into bed an hour earlier. Quality sleep has been shown to help fuel weight loss and improve overall health.
  3. You are craving spicy food – it could mean, you need variety. Spicy food cravings are a sign that you may need to spice up your life to prevent food burnout. Previous research shows picky eaters have lower levels of essential nutrients, so craving spicy foods like salsa could be your body signalling it requests more variety.
  4. You are craving everything and anything – It could mean, you are dehydrated. Your hunger and thirst sensations come from the same part of the brain and sometimes the signals can feel similar or get misinterpreted. It’s important to be aware that those hunger sensations might actually be the first signs of dehydration. 
  5. If you are craving chocolate or baked goods – It could mean, you are anxious or stressed. Chocolate and sweets like muffins and cookies can provide a temporary calming feeling because the sugar triggers a quick hit of dopamine aka the ‘feel-good’ hormone. However, processed foods like packaged sweets can lead to blood sugar crashes and feeling sluggish shortly after consuming them. With proper planning and preparation, including sweets in your diet in moderation can serve both a comforting and nutritious purpose.

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