Alcohol & Weight Loss

When you are trying to lose weight, alcohol is your number one enemy. However, there are some healthier choices you can make. Alcoholic drinks contain many more calories than most people think.  

Alcohol can sabotage your weight-loss efforts. It releases estrogen into your bloodstream, promotes fat storage, and decreases muscle growth. As soon as you have a drink, your body eats up all the glycogen (stored glucose) in your liver, makes you hungry, and reduces your inhibitions, so you're more likely to grab a burger.  

If you are serious about losing weight, it's best to put alcohol aside until you're in maintenance mode. If you are going to have a drink, choose wine or opt for a drink with clear alcohol and no sugary mixers, such as a vodka and soda or a tequila on the rocks with lime. Below is a list of the calorie count of a few favourites.  

  • Beer - 250 calories 
  • Apple Cider - 207 calories
  • Red or White Wine - 120 calories
  • Daiquiri -  259 calories 
  • Pina Colada - 300 calories 
  • Long Island Iced Tea - 424 calories
  • Vodka and Soda - 64 calories 
  • Gin and Tonic - 175 calories
  • Shot of Baileys -  130 calories
  • Champagne - 84 calories
  • Rum and Coke - 140 calories, with Diet Coke - 68 calories
  • Cosmopolitan - 140 calories
  • Bloody Mary - 130 calories
  • Sangria - 167 calories
  • Martini - 130 calories 
  • Chocolate Martini - 420 calories
  • Margarita - 120 calories 

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