How To Break A Plateau

To break through a fat loss plateau, you may need to consume less calories or you may need to increase your daily physical activity. 

Below are my 5 tips;
  1. Increase duration or intensity of exercise - As fitness increases you can increase the pace or extend your training sessions. 
  2. Increase out-of-session activity - Even if you train hard, you may not be moving enough during the rest of your day. A step counter can be used to assess daily activity. Aim for a minimum of 8,000 steps, with a goal of 10,000 or more as required. Around 15,000 steps are a very active day.
  3. Eat less sugar – You may have cut back on fat, but still be consuming too much sugar. Low-fat sweet snacks such as yogurt and breakfast bars may seem a healthy option, but they are loaded with sugar. Swapping to fruit can be healthier and you will save a lot on calories. 
  4. Drink less alcohol - Alcoholic drinks may be difficult to cut back on or give up but may be necessary when you hit a plateau. A reality check on volume is important as alcohol is often under-reported. 
  5. Eat smaller portions - Check to see if you are eating too much. Even if it’s healthy, you may need to downsize your dinner plate. 
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