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How To Step Up Your Meal Prep

Meal preparation can be a lifesaver if you’re trying to stick to a well-balanced diet. Planning and making meals ahead of time doesn’t just make it easier to eat healthier but It can also save you time trying to figure out what to eat each day. You can plan meals for the week, shop less and still enjoy delicious, healthy meals.
Here are my 4 tips on how you can make meal prep work for you:
      1. Stock up on pantry staples - These are the ingredients you will use repeatedly. Think things like beans, seeds, rice and grains. Often, these ingredients can be purchased in bulk, so you may find it works out cheaper to buy them this way. You can also purchase other ingredients that are in season, like fruit and vegetables, and freeze them. Canned proteins, like tuna, salmon and legumes can also be stored in your pantry (or in desk drawers at work if you have the space!). These sources of protein can be quickly added to a salad, sandwich or a wrap to help you feel full for longer.
   2. Prepar…

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