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5 Tips To Make Your Breakfast Healthier

By making small changes, you can make your breakfast healthier and worth waking up to.  A healthy, well – balanced breakfast helps fuel your body for the day ahead.  
I have detailed my 5 tips below;

1. Add protein - Having a serving of protein in the morning can help you power through the morning. Not only does protein help keep you satisfied, it will also help you feel more energised throughout the day. Eggs are a great choice for breakfast protein, as you can cook them in different ways. Although most of us like our eggs fried, a healthier recommendation would be to have them poached or boiled. 2. Include healthy fats - When you include healthy fats in your breakfast, it can help your body absorb vitamins and may keep you feel satisfied for longer. Healthy fats can also help to build cell membranes, prevent inflammation and some fat types also help with hormone regulation. To add healthy fats to your breakfast, try adding some avocado to your toast, or include nuts and seeds with your…

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