How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

I get asked this question quite often, I personally don’t believe there’s a magic answer for how often you should weigh yourself. Figuring out what is helpful and motivating for you as an individual is how you decide. 

The very first question you need to ask yourself is: “Will weighing myself, daily, weekly, etc. help or hinder me?”

If you have been dieting, you might feel especially virtuous because you had a good day. You ate reasonable portions and avoided desserts and other fatty foods. If you step on the scale the next morning and find that you gained a kilo how would you feel? You could get discouraged and might be tempted to give up. Would you be better off if you didn’t weigh-in as frequently? If the daily weigh-ins affect your mood and behaviour, then you might want to reconsider how often you weigh yourself. The number on the scale should not have the power to dictate your mood, the events of the day or your overall quality of life — it’s just a number.

Many people find weighing in weekly provides a sense of accountability and is helpful for having a good idea of where they are with their progress. For many, it helps to keep progress on track. If you’re able to look at the overall trend and not stress about the fluctuations, then having a regular weekly weigh-in isn’t a bad idea. Just keep in mind that it is normal to experience weight fluctuation throughout the course of a day. That change can be as large as 1-3kg, mainly due to fluids and salt. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
Take control of your life, rock on!

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