Benefits Of Different Coloured Fruit & Vegetables

The colours of fruits and vegetables are a small clue as to what vitamins and nutrients are included. By eating daily, a variety of different coloured fruits and vegetables, you are guaranteed a diverse amount of essential vitamins and minerals.

Red Fruits and Vegetables - Red fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of prostate cancer, lower blood pressure, reduce tumour growth and LDL cholesterol levels. Can also scavenge harmful free-radicals and support joint tissue in arthritis cases.

Orange and Yellow fruits and vegetables - Contain Beta-carotene, potassium, and vitamin C. These nutrients reduce the risk of prostate cancer, lower LDL cholesterol and blood pressure, promote collagen formation and healthy joints, fight harmful free radicals, encourage alkaline balance, and work with magnesium and calcium to build healthy bones.

Green vegetables and Fruit - Green vegetables contain chlorophyll, fibre, lutein, calcium, folate, vitamin C, calcium, and Beta-carotene. The nutrients found in these vegetables reduce cancer risks, lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels, normalize digestion time, support retinal health and vision, fight harmful free-radicals, and boost immune system activity.

Blue and Purple fruits and vegetables - Contain nutrients which include lutein, vitamin C, fibre, flavonoids and ellagic acid. Similar to the previous nutrients, these nutrients support retinal health, lower LDL cholesterol, boost immune system activity, support healthy digestion, improve calcium and other mineral absorption, fight inflammation, reduce tumour growth, act as an anticarcinogens (chemical) in the digestive track and limit the activity of cancer cells.

White fruits and vegetables - Contain nutrients such as Beta-Glucans, EGCG and SDG. Those provide powerful immune boosting activity. These nutrients also activate natural killer B and T cells, reduce the risk of colon, breast, and prostate cancers and balance hormone levels, reducing the risk of hormone-related cancer.

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